Water damage can come in many forms, whether it be mould, rain and storm flooding or sewerage flood clean-up Aust Decon Specialised Cleaning are ready to get your property back to health.

Some water damage is not found for long periods of time, this can cause extensive mould growth. Mould is toxic and damaging to your health.

Sewerage flooding is becoming more common with the use of items such as flushable wipes, in just a few short hours sewerage can back up through your pipes spilling out onto tiles and seeping into wood and carpets. It is essential that trained technicians are called in to immediately deal with the problem to decrease the spread of toxic disease and bacteria carrying waste.

Aust Decon Specialised Cleaning deal with small floods through to large overflows. We provide back up service with drying equipment that can be hired and left at your property, technicians will visit daily to check progress of wet carpets or other structure left to dry.

Trauma Clean where to start


Helping people effected by a traumatic situation restore their property so they can move forward.



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